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Really? I guess you can look for a part number if you have an EPC membership, perhaps you can prove me wrong. I won't be offended. I know that I was never asked to design a W201 application because the platform was being replaced at the time and the W202 was well into develpment. It is always possible that MBUSA made the parts available to the W201 application anyway, the wiring will probably work on the late-'87 on up car but not on the earlier W201 (without the tilt/slide roof), that would require a substantially different wiring harness.

The first Mercedes EC (ElectroChromic) auto-dimming mirror began development in '91, for the 124, I believe that start of production was mid-'92, and the last year of the 201 was already in production. Those mirrors lack the outside electrochromic mirror output/drivers, and the reverse-override feature (clears the mirror when in reverse), first mirror with those IIRC was the R129. I do have a set of modified R129 OEC mirrors that were intended for the 124, never installed them, I believe that both sides are aspheric (prototype) where the factory driver-side would have been flat.

The E-38 mirror makes an excellent mirror for the 124, I used them for early Audi prototypes / applications also, and the W202 mirror works great with a modified W124 stalk (22mm ball grafted on). Most domestic mirrors are too wide. It's far easier IMO for most people to simply buy a BMW mirror button, glue it on the glass, and install the BMW mirror and they're common at the junkyards, then cover the header area with something. Your system is a bit more of a time-consuming creation, but in the end a far cleaner installation using the factory header mounting location.

Also, there's a photo in the headliner replacement thread of the correct mounting plate for the auto-dimming mirror, the wires are fed through a cast-in hole in the plate rather than through the spring area in the center. We tried the latter, didn't work well, so we modified the mounting plate with the new hole. Unfortunately these late plates (standard on the '94/'95 124s IIRC) are heavier as they are cast from zink zn-al-si4 IIRC instead of the earlier aluminum-alloy ones, ditto with the mounts (aka: Speigelfuss or "mirror foot").

I have also seen postings from someone here who adapted a 140 mirror to a 124, although I'm not sure why one would want the size of that thing unless it were the memory-power version, ... and still I'm not sure why.

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