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Originally Posted by H-townbenzoboy View Post
Anyone can buy one of those stickers, that still doesn't make it a Mercedes-Benz branded van. There are kits available to make Sprinters look like their MB counterparts, like the ones at this site:

I believe it's a Dodge, the "2500" badge is a dead giveaway. You work at a dealer, run the VIN, what shows up in the title?
It is titled a Dodge. So what? The customer special ordered the vehicle at a Mercedes Benz dealership. It is badged Mercedes Benz, with a Mercedes diesel engine, Mercedes Benz alloy wheels, Mercedes Benz grill, and every piece of glass has the Mercedes logo as OEM. The 2006 vehicle was produced during the marriage between Chrysler and Daimler. Is there anything "Dodge" about the vehicle? Besides the 2500 on the side? I drove it. It feels like a Mercedes Benz diesel passenger van to me, and it looks like one too. There is more Mercedes Benz to the vehicle than a sticker.

You live in Houston. See it for yourself.

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