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Subframe crack update.

Dealer mechanic looked at it and they brought me in the back to show it to me. The mechanic was away for a second so I showed the service manager where I thought it was. Sure enough, there is a pretty good crack in the frame at the rear where the lower arm attaches to the subframe. The mecahic walks up and says "I guess you saw the crack" and shines his light on the front of the subframe at a loose weld. He hadn't even seen the other one. So now I have two cracks.

RBM Atlanta wants $1700 to replace. I'm holding out for a total comp. I know the subframe can be bought for $400 and change. I can get a used but inspected one for $200 from Potomac. It has new sway bars, subframe mounts shocks, tie rod ends and center link.

Needs new motor mounts, they quoted me $900 for motor mounts installed-they cost about $50 a piece and it takes an experienced mechanic 1 1/2 hours to install-NINE HUNDRED BUCKS? I can do that myself of less than $100 right?

I'll keep posting the results. What would you guys do?


J. Boggs
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