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I think there are a few points that need to be made here...the MB cars are actually less expensive than there were 10 years ago and they have more features...the savings had to come from somewhere!!...even figuring the large discounts that some cars sold for in the 80-90's...todays MB's are less expensive...the new 210 was less expensive than the car it replaced and had more I think the new S-class took a dip in qaulity of interior materials...sure I do...but the price is on par with my car(sticker) that is 10 years older....I think MB had to face reality...were people willing to pay the price?...especially in the face of a new stiff competitor called Lexus....if you factor the money value for time..the new S-class would have been over 100K!!! there a mass market for a car like that?....a company has to make money to stay viable...most of the people on this site own vehicles from the 80' I would gather than MB would not be counting on this group(other than parts,maybe..because it seems that almost no one here takes their car to the dealer for service) to sell NEW cars they had to make a I think the NEW MB's are worth the money...absolutely

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