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Originally Posted by TylerH860 View Post
This thread reminds me of many of the car salesman I worked with over the years. They thought they were right about everything even after the evidence slapped them in the face multiple times.

It is a MB van, but back then they were sold as Dodges. Turning them back to Mercedes was easy enough, so many did that. All he has to do is look at the title for definitive proof. If it says Mercedes, then he's right. Most likely, it will say Dodge.
Some good points. Even if it turns out to be a Mercedes-Benz, I still believe there are a lot of Dodge/Chrysler and Freightliner parts used to assemble this van.

Here we clearly have a 2500 model numbered van. The OP originally claimed it was a model 319 or somesuch - yet we see the signage on the van as; 2500. He recanted, however both model numbers cannot be correct......or can they? Perhaps this is actually a 319 model number, re-badged as a 2500?

I would take a stab at looking at the VIN number and it's associated stamped information affixed to a door jamb & the Carfax on the vehicle. And for good measure - a copy of the State of Texas Title to help clear this up. Perhaps the seller wouldn't mind posting attachments proving such?

My 1999 E300TD's MSO & State of Texas title state that it's model is: E300TD yet many clowns run around claiming that Mercedes-Benz doesn't know what they're printing on their own manufacturer's statement of origin - the MSO. Just because something is badged X, doesn't mean it's X. These people have serious problems with facts, and have thusly been marginalized by their own propoganda.
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