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The total bill was about $1,990.

The work for the head gasket, valve guides and seals was about $1,600.

The remainign $300 and change was for other extra things I had him do - install the throttle actuator that I bought from Fastlane and couldn't return, flush out the old 'green' coolant from the expansion tank and overflow tank and refill with MB 'yellowish-pink' coolant, new plugs / wires, new light for the shift gate, etc.

My old mechanic quoted me $2,000 just for the head job work, so I was very pleased with the amount of the bill and the quality of the work.

I dropped the car off on Thursday before 4th of July because I had a business trip to New York. He worked on it the Saturday after July 4th, but the machine shop was closed. I picked the car up the following Friday after work, but he was done on Thursday.

There is really no difference in power, but the leak is gone, and the car idles incredibly smoothly. Just perfect. It was smooth before, but not this smooth. It is completely silent and unnoticeable.
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