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Angry 92 300 CE 104 water pump


Where are the back bolts to the water pump? Are there 2? What tools do I need to buy to remove them. Between the A/C and the the intake I can only see what I believe to be one. Can I get to it with a long allen or a hex key socket or do I need to buy some 4-5 " long allen sockets?

I am a decent wrench. ( previously a Sun salesman and instructor) have done 60 K services on both a 300CE and a 500E and have replaced both the fan bearing and the belt tensionor in seperate surguries. I have never needed to get to something hard as this could be. (makes the nut on the back of the tensioner mounts look easy)

Please help as I need to get this thing burning gas soon

Jeff (moose)

92 500E 90K miles stock less AMG chip

73 Datsun 240Z, 74 260Z, and a 75 280Z 2+2
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