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Andras Nagy
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Greetings again from Ohio.

I just shipped a car to my brother in New Jersey (a rust-free 1976 Toyota Liftback he bought for $100, with no engine), and it was shipped from Columbus to Trenton New Jersey for $500. There was an additional winching charge, since it could not be driven up the ramps of the transport.

I called about ten companies, and they all quoted difference prices, since they all had different pick-ups to make, and the price varied by nature of the car being first on the transport or last. There is no better way than to just get on the phone and ask a quote. Appearently, even though there are ICC rates, they do differ from company to company.

Pick up was uneventful, it was within a week of my sending back a contract and a deposit, and drop off was equally uneventful, with no damage done to the car.

Peter and I ran the numbers on driving, and with rental of a ttrailer, etc. it was not much more to ship via transport. Have you tried to line up any college students to drive it? Or you might try transport companies who have professional drivers who do the same......Andras

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