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I'm disagreeing with you on the fairness of the 15 year thing. Mb stood there with their boots clicked together stating they offered a superior product,only to end up putting out a product that allowed the left front wheel to fold under at road speed. The problem is chronic on the 107 series. Before that they put out the 108 and 114 series where the steering box broke away from the frame. All in all MB used to make a fine automobile, I just wish they wouldn't use their screwups to try and turn them into a profit. I've been down this road before, and I'd just like to see MB tell the owner that they will put in new mounts or whatever to try in some way to make up for the fact they put the owners life in danger. As I recall, every 107 I sent to the dealer during that era become a profit incentive for the dealer. I can't fault the dealer for trying to pay the rent;MB should have picked up the tab.You might disagree with me, Gilly,but that's how I feel.

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