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Fortunatly some people do not believe in waste. The previous owners would probably enjoy having a glance at it a couple of years forward.

When searching for a five speed drop me a line if you get offered too many. I should put a real effort into finding one before they pretty well totally disapear.

For maximum performance do a good tune up including the base injection pump pressure to perhaps save the number one rod bearing as well. I am not inferring you need all the potential power that it can produce. Still it does not hurt to get it with these. Fuel milage might be an indicator of any need.

Also since they purchased new they just might remember things that have been done to it already. I assume for example the fuel injectors have been done at 305k but one never knows. A real bonus is you can probably get all the history.

I have absolutly no background on most of mine. The exception is interesting as it went to a mercedes dealer on a regular schedule as the taxpayers were footing the bills. Even the interior is brand new I think.

American taxpayers money at work.At last you get to see where some of it went. I should really thank all the members that live in that state for the continious restoration and extensive over the top upkeep of that two forty until I got it. I still have no ideal of why the state owned the car since new till about several years ago when I got it. That I found unusual but the title was accurate.
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