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Hello Peaches,

I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. Today I am eating humble pie...

On "Skid Row Joe's" suggestion, I pulled the car fax. The vehicle was serviced by the "Dodge" dealer. So I called the original owner who traded it to me and asked him about the purchase and badging. He bought it at a Dodge dealer. As "H-TownBenzBoy" suggested, the Pastor did buy a kit including the window sticker that says "Mercedes Benz Product". The Aluminum Alloy wheels are Mercedes, he switched out the center caps. The engine is the Mercedes diesel 316CDI, he added the grill with the 316CDI badge.

He did not tell me he bought the vehicle at a Mercedes Benz dealer. He told me he special ordered the vehicle. I made statements about it being a Mercedes Benz and he didn't correct me accept to say it was special ordered and titled as a Dodge.

I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I heard him say it was titled as a Dodge. He said it was a Mercedes Sprinter. He said it was special ordered, so I assumed that meant from the Mercedes Benz dealership.

I feel stupid now, but better informed. I was wrong...

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