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My .02cents on the fairness of it all...

Suppose rather than me checking on it -mainly because I read about it on this forum (thanks)-it was the attorney for my estate calling, because I had been killed because of a failure at high speed. Or worse, my wife and/or kids.

You know, if a non-ciritical part fails after all this time-that's just maintainence-buyer pays. But if it involves a part directly linked to the safety of the vehicle and other motorists, a known high-fialure item, in my opinion, the manufacturer pays and probably should be glad they dodged the first bullet. I guess you could make a case that there should be a statute of limitations somewhere otherwise I'm sures the Model T's has some problems but in todays litigious world, it's a small price to pay for my safety.

These are rough numbers:

Subframe $595 retail
$430 wholesale
$+/- $250 oem to dealer.

9hours labor? RBM get $85 hour
$100 misc-bolts, washers, arm kits etc,
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