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Every c class I check AAC codes in has that pesky "electromagnetic clutch" code. I've gotten to ignoring that one. Vacum leaks will cause the following syptoms....

1 loss of airflow from desired vents

2 higher than normal output temps and loss of center vents on medium throttle.

3 the first time this one happened, transmission shifting harder with a/c on....... 5 hg loss to the modulator.

4 continous cycling of the manifold assist pump and eventual burnup of the pump which leads to loss of central locking.

Testing is pretty simple, remove the glovebox liner and the lower dash on the r/h side, get out your handy roadmap, remove the line block and start leak testing the elements. Also put a guage on the inlet side and watch the guage while operating throttle, it should stay pretty steady if the supply side of the system is solid.

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