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I don't know if I have read all the posts in this thread, I kept hoping it would go away.

This is not a technical discussion. it is a beauty contest. Just like in ice skating I prefer speed skating to figure skating. I have no use for criteria based upon judgement rather than performance. J.D.Powers and all the other people that make statistics are free to get whatever results suit them. The way the question is asked changes the answer almost every time. The democrats poll and get 75% for 25% against, the Republicans get just the opposite. Its all BS.

If you took a poll of technicians you would get entirely different results. They would probably all agree that people that buy expensive cars are more critical. Many would probably agree that acceptance of new players like Lexus probably is a lot "sour grapes". But the most important thing they would tell you is that the new technology is scary and it doesn't matter what car you buy, they all have some of it. To condemn a car because of reoccuring problems with cellular phones and navigation systems makes my laugh. When they put radar in the back with the patriot missiles they probably will do a better job than the milliary, its probably easier technology.

Consumer desires have brought the car we have today. Consumers will have to learn to reboot the thing just like we all accepted that with our PC technology.
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