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Some interesting points made here...
It would not start without trying it a dozen times or so. At that point it had 150,000 km! I've never had a Benz, any Benz that was even broken in well at 150,000 km.
Larry I need to show you the service records on my 150KM(93K) my car had a stck of repair tickets probably 3 inches thick and from that times to now has had about 20K and another 3 inches of reciepts from the dealer...needless to say...the whole service staff at Crown MB knows my by

but part of the pleasure in driving a benz is that it IS a benz...a few years ago I traded my 1992 300D for an Acura Legend...I hated the car honestly...kept it a year and sold it...never had any problems...but I did n't like the way it drove,doors closed...and too much over priced ACCORD feel to was a limited edition 6 speed manual trans and I had no problem selling it...BUT I never really liked it...this car I own now has been without question the biggest pain in the A%& I have ever driven...but with the door closers,woodwork,incredible ride..etc..I smile everyday when I drive I ask myself..if it makes me happy what is that worth?

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