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Is this true?

I went to see a 1990 300SE last night that my brother found for sale. 67,000 original owner and he had many receipts for service. Not all, but nearly. It's Charcoal/grey so it would avoid my black interior fears! Asking $8100, but neg.

Here's the weird part. A local dealership said if I wanted to have the car checked out there it was no problem. But, this car is not registered. It's been off the road 2 months. So, I needed someone to go to the car to see it. The MB dealership recommended a local shop they give their overflow work to. The fellow goes out and checks the car and other than a few very minor items he says, the one thing I need to be aware of is that normal maintenance on this engine includes removal of the valves and many times replacement every 40,000!!! He said thew valves are removed without removing the head so it's not a big deal.

I have NEVER heard of this. Is this true? I have a feeling not, because he also said if I looked into a 1990 300E, they last forever. Well, as far as I know, the 6 cyl in the 1990 300SE is the same one in the 1990 300E. So why would he say one car, engine wise, be better than the other? Now I'm questioning everthing he said about the car as far as it being in very good condition.

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Ron Brooks
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