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Thanks guys,

Stevebfl-Do I have the bad OVP? Part # 201 540 38 45

pmizell- funny you mentioned that. I went through the same thing about 8 months ago. I installed a new bosch alternator and voltage regulator.

In my research I have noticed one more thing starting yesterday I heard a rattle from under the car when I started it up. about 45 seconds later it stops. It does this now when it is started from cold. I dont know if it is related or not but I sure hope my CAT is not dieing on me. I understand these things are known to start making noises and produce strange symptoms when there on the brink. My stumbling problem is so inconsistent that It leads me to beleive I need a new dist. cap or wires. something to do with firing. But heck what do I know

I really appreciate the help guys!

This thing just baffles me

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