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Dear members and moderators...

Not to put a damper on the enthusiasm for this and I apologize in advance for this post - but I thought it be fair warning for those who think this is an "interactive" type CD-ROM with images and content that was specifically created for producing these electronic manuals.

I believe the CDs contain "pictures" of the pages from the book manuals, and may not be as versatile as a full production CD-ROM. My understanding is this is a compilation of Adobe Acrobat PDF files of the pages with a linked index (for PC users).
Therefore, Mac users will be able to view the PDF files but without the convenience of the index.
One drawback would be the reference pictures are copies of the halftoned images in the book manuals and the quality may be questionable, especially for some new DIY folks who are heavily dependent on pictures to find their way around the engine compartment...

I was one of the anxious folks waiting for the 126 CD-ROM until I found out how these were produced, which I'm sure saved them a bundle of money on interactive media production costs.

Please correct me on this if MB recently started putting a lot more into producing these things then just flat bed scan the pages and convert to PDF images.

The CD-ROMs' availability is certainly an improvement over the discontinued manuals, but I think folks should understand what it is they are getting even at only $99.

(Although I already have all the books, I'll probably order one anyway...)

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