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I agree with turnnel on this one. I remember when the 123 came out, people said that it was just junk compared to their earlier MB's. My wife had a 250 at the time and everyone said it was better than a new one, MB was just going down the tube. I still hear that with each new car introduced even though they seem to me to get better.

The new V6 is an absolute engineering and production masterpiece. The cars are stronger for their weight than they used to be due to the use of the latest technology.

The technology that is downplayed in this thread is the gadgetry. Except for there being a recall on the IR/RF key for my C Class I have had no problem at all with any of this gadgetry. And they stood good for that and it was really no trouble at all for me. They handled it well.

There are always horror stories like the one told above about his Dad's C320. I fully expect that all brands have them regardless of what country they are designed and built in.

I would have no problem buying a new C Class without the gadgetry, you know, the way they are designed for their home market. In Germany, crank up windows and manual seats are common. That much less to go wrong. But, as my car stands now, there will be no complaints until the gadgetry gives trouble. I have absolutely no reason to believe that it will give trouble.
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