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Need Tech help on scary Brake problem

My 560SL has developed a scary problem with the brakes. Normally when I step on the brakes, the peddle feels firm and only goes down an inch or 2 and brings the car to a smooth even stop. Lately the brakes seem to have a mind of their own and sometimes the peddle will go almost all the way to the floor before it builds up pressure. It always stops OK but I never know if it's going to catch at the top or bottom of the range. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to when this will happen. Sometimes when I first start the car , sometimes not until I have driven a while, and it will switch back and forth while driving in traffic. When the peddle goes to the floor, I have tried pumping the brakes to see if it will build up pressure but it doesn't make a difference. When they are firm at the top of the range I have tried to keep applying a lot of pressure with my foot to see if there is any leak down and there is not. .... Master Cylinder??Brake Booster??? Vaccume leak??? Any Ideas Thanks in advance...

88 560SL
97 E320
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