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Thought i would let you know that the package has hit the ground and it a satanic little ( bleep). The trick on this engine ( mine has the cast intake and yours has the black runners. Correct? Mine has a 1 1/2" long bypass hose to the head.) is to simply have a 6mm wobble socket ( wrapped in electical tape for stability) and a 1/4 " drive set. The bottom bolt is done in a flash (make sure it's fully seated or you're toast) but the top bolt has to have a 4" 6mm hex key socket ran through the 1 1/4 " hole, to get to the top one,and then it can be taken out with a 3/8 drive. make sure you have the bolt in the pump when you install it as there is no way to return the bolt to it's place once on the block.

Thanks for your help in this matter as some people suggested buying $50 tools and waiting till next week) that would work on external 6 point bolts and not on the 6mm hex bolts that i am dealing with.

Am I the only one who has this engine?

Joe, Once again, thanks for your help.

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