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Hi Benzmac,
I found a small box at the rear of the engine with a clear plastic cover on it and a spot for a 10amp fuse, which there was none, so i put a new fuse in the box and this a.m. the car started with no help from me on the second try....... I think that this was the right fuse and that my problem has been solved.......many many thanks..... I'd like know what the overvoltage relay does and why it caused this problem, I'm happy that the cost of a fuse is so cheap.

Thanks again !!!

Originally posted by Benzmac:
Replace the fuse in the overvoltage relay. It is under the hood at the rear of the engine and has a red top on it. There is a 10a fuse in it that will blow if jumpstarted. If the fuse isn't bad, it may need the whole relay. We sell them in the partsshop.

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