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Hi David:

The headlight surround (rim) is about $80 at Fastlane, and the reflector is about $40. (about 40% of the cost of Euros. ) I am assuming the headlight lens is OK - just the fog light needs repair. I don't know if the yellow filter cup is included with the replacement reflector or not. The rim/surround (fog light lens) is held in place with plastic clips on the top and bottom. They may be brittle, and if they break you need a new light assembly, or a lot of skill and luck with epoxy and superglue! The clips look like this: \_\__'===='__/_/ The \_\_____/_/ section must be pried up in the middle so that the '====' section attached to the rim/suround/fog lamp lens can be slid out. The reflector is a snap in item on my US DOT lamps - hope the snap in mounting didn't get crunched or an entire new assembly may be needed. You will probably have to remove the headlight wiper and panel below the light to get to the bottom clips, which means removing the turn indicator unit. Also, anticipate that the unbroken rim/lens may be a bit faded and not quite match the new one! All this sounds more complex than it is, actually.

If you want a plea bargain, ke6dj is selling his used MB OEM Euro lights in the for sale section - you might make him an offer? Or if you are intent on US/DOT, I will sell you the pair of my US lamps for your car. (Sucker bet - If you are going to all this work, consider the Euros!!!) If you are down for a weekend, we can play with the lighting! Good luck. (BTW, did you make it up to Esterlina vinyards yet - ?)

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