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Tried to post this a few days ago but it got "lost".

Let's remember what these W140's were designed to do. 100MPH reliably for 200K miles. Yes, I have my share of repair tickets like everyone else, but I knew that when I purchased the car. When I rate reliability, I want it reliably to perform at speed.
I have great feel, control and comfort for 4 adults at long drives up and down I5. SAcramento to LA in less than 5 hours. I can't fly in that time counting all the airport hassles.

Since I bought the car, I haven't flown with the family to LA. We make the drive. There are thing faster than this beast, but nothing gets there faster in more comfort and safety. Even my wife will take it up to speed(100MPH) on this drive because it just seems that is it's "natural" cruising speed.

Wep, my window failed to go up in the back the other day, 150 bucks later it was working. Worth every penny to have this baby in the garage.

Oh yea, there isn't another "production" car on the road I'd want to own. I "love" this car.

I will admit however, you have to be able to afford it.
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