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Hilton Smith
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96 C-280 Head Gasket Leaking Oil

Understand not uncommon problem on 104 engines, but this one is more than I want to tolerate. Looking for shop manual type info on head gasket replacement that I plan to do myself. I think I can get info on microfische from MB-USA. I got head gasket set from Germanstar that came without valve cover gasket and perhaps upper front cover gasket. I am considering retorquing head bolts (about an additional 15 to 20 degrees) but local dealership shops indicate they haven't had any luck trying this approach. I also understand the the replacement gasket is a modified gasket (it does come with a already applied bead of gasket sealer which I wouldn't be surprised to find is Hylomar HPF). A little apprehensious as head bolts are stretch bolts. This is my first MB and have little experience thus far. Have replaced front pads and serpentine belt though. From reading this board, have also concluded I need to replace shifter/linkage bushings.

Any suggestions or comments on similar problem and solutions and possible source of literature will be appreciated.

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