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Need help... e430 with bad miss at idle

i have a 98 e 430 that has a very ruff idle.. i have changed the plugs (reinstalled new bosch platinums) had the following parts available for test and i tried them all to no avial.
air flow meter, plug wires, all 8 coil packs, crank sensor
i changed them out and it still does the exact same thing.
it seems to run fine while accelerating but at idle whether in park or in drive it runs like poop. i have unplugged each coil pack while running and they all made a difference. the old spark plugs that i took out all had the same consistancy(milky white in color) maybe a little too lean ? i have had it at a MBZ dealer and they could feel the miss but could find nothing (no bad codes were stored). i have searched for vacuum leaks and have found nothing. i am stumped on this one. PLEASE HELP.
when in gear and parking brake on it feels like it pulses real bad.
i have noticed that when the a/c is on it is not as severe.
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