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I assume you are talking about the Buick V6. I know nothing about the configuration of the engine as far as sump location, etc., but they are very well thought of engines. The engine was designed for the Buick Special that came out in 1961 or so, so it is probably somewhat compact. The tooling was sold to British Leyland in the seventies and bought back in the eighties. They then reconfigured the crankshaft to have a symmetric firing order (equal number of degrees between engine firings) As a result of this, the crankshaft looks very strange. It looks like the journals were sawed in half, offset and then glued back together. Although it looks strange, it obviously has worked out quite well. The Grand National Buick of the eighties used this as the engine platform and was one of the fastest production cars on the street.

I have been wanting to build a new shop for several years. My shop is only '22 by 40' and doubles as a wood shop. I move woodworking equipment to the side when it comes auto major project time. If I put a few cars in the weather temporarily I can use the shop for both. 30 X 60 with four bays is what I want to build with doors on both sides to get plenty of breeze in the Texas Summer. My current shop has 16' doors on the North and South ends. It gets the prevailing South wind through to help cool it. I'm envious of your shop project, hopefully I can follow suit soon.

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