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About the timing chain, How I can recognize the updated one? The difference between the old one and the updated one?
I live in Paraguay, here Diesel models are very popular,because the gas is too expensive: Gas price: 3.9 dolars per galon
Diesel price: 0.8 dolars per galon
My mother drives a Mercedes C 250 Diesel:
A brief description:
5 cylinder multivalvular diesel engine (later replaced by a turbocharged one)
Displacement: 2497 cc
Bore x Stroke: 87.0/84.0 (mm)
Power: 113 hp @ 5000 RPM(150hp @ ??? w/ Turbo)
Compression Ratio: 22.0 (N/A Data of the Turbo)
Torque: 173 Nm @ 3800 RPM (N/A Data of the Turbo)
Transmision: 5spd Manual, Opt: 4spd Auto (5spd Auto w/ Turbo)
Brakes: Disc/Disc (VentDisc/Disc w/ Turbo)
Top Speed: 118 mph (125 mph w/Turbo)
0-60 Maybe 13-14 secs (10.5 w/ Turbo)
Wheels 6.5 x 15 (195/65/15 H Rated tires)
Opt Wheels: 7 x 15 (205/60/15 H Rated Tires).
Comments about the C 250 Diesel Elegance:
Powerless engine, topspeed is goood, but when you need power to pass another vehicle in the highway....not good.
The brakes are good, but dont even think about a sport driving style. (I tried, the result: red and smoking front disc brakes)However "Sport driving style" with a 113 hp engine??????
The main problem of this car is the weight, not the engine, it weights too much.
I drove the Turbo version, in a few words: is a rocket with very good brakes.
If you want more info, just ask me.
Jose Rios.

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