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The buttons on the far right are (from top to bottom) Defrost, Air Conditioning, and Receirculate air.

I get maximum cool/dry air with the A/C button (middle) depressed, and the Recirculate (bottom) on. That way the conditioned cabin air is being recirculated instead of drawing in the 90-degree air from outside.

FYI: I've noticed that with the engine at low RPM (either at idle, or in stop & go traffic) the AC is ineffective. I remedy this by doing the following:
1) While at a stop light: shift into neutral (N), and gently step on the gas to bring the engine speed to about 1500 RPMs.

2) In stop & go traffic: select 3rd or 2nd gear to keep RPMs up while driving.

To be honest, I'm not sure what the difference is between the "Defrost" and the "A/C" settings. (I know both switch the A/C compressor on) I'll check my manual tonight to see if there's an explanation.

I'll report back tomorrow or monday.

Jeff Pierce
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