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Perhaps you mean 190E 2.3-16V? The 2.6 is a six cylinder engine.

The 16V cars are very durable, and the engines are tough as nails. Some areas:

1. Most all the cars have had an updated timing chain tensioner, but make sure any one you look at has it.

2. The self-leveling suspension is reliable, but requires care and at higher mileages and parts can be a little pricey.

3. Finding replacement parts is no problem. MB parts supply is like NO other manufacturer. OE parts are available for cars even decades old.

4. Gas guzzling - compared to? The 16V is only a 2.3L four cylinder in a 2900lb car. It's not going to use gas like a V-8 or SUV. Not even close.

Make sure a qulaified MB mechanic has a look at the car. If it checks out, a 16V can be a hulluva fun "keeper" MB. I MISS mine!
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