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Unhappy NIPPLE leaking on 300e trans

hi, new here and recently acquired an 86 300e. I've done a search on this issue....but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.....
The transmission is leaking towards the rear left side....mostly when the car is warming up on idle. I crawled underneath and saw a small rubber nipple-like piece and what looks like a long cable attached to it. The rubber piece seemed to be connectected to the trans. The leak is coming from that rubber piece (i think) Does any one have experience with this...and is this an easy fix? If so, what is this piece/cable? thank you in advance.

Also, do you have to suck the enging oil from the dipstick to change the oil? I saw this on the DIY page.

Can anyone recommend a decent benz shop in walnut creek, ca?
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