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450SL engine, Harmonic Balencer

Q. does the 450SL engine have a harmonic balencer and if so is it in/part of the main pully at the front bottom of the engine.
The reason for this question. I have been told that if this is faulty it can produce a knock in the engine. As mentioned I had a knock in the 450SL engine that appeared to be due to a loose rod cap on #1. When I switched engines, putting in the 450SEL engine, guess what, THE SAME KNOCK IS PRESENT. I used the alternator, power pump, and A/C from the old engine. I had to take the pully off the 450SL engine to get the belts to line up. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE KNOCK PROBLEM COULD BE IN THAT PULLY. It is, other than the parts mentioned and the exhaust manifolds, and oil pan, the only other part switched. If this could be the problem how would I check to find out if this pully/harmonic balencer is the knock problem?
Thanks again for your preious responses. Lee
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