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140 chassis questions...

92 500 SEL...I posted before but....
installed a new speedometer...old one stopped working. New one installed...test drove the car for 5 minutes and all was great. No idiot lights came in...until a few minutes later...then the speedometer stopped working, MPG stopped working, cruise control stopped and the ABS light came on.
Took it into the shop...the mechanics...thats plural can't figure it out....maybe not as great mechanics as they thought or they just don't want to work on an older Benz. I don't know.
A few members n this site suggested the speed difficult is it to inspect...what does one look for to see if it's not working? Replacing it? A see a few "wires" coming from the caliper...drivers side....which is the speed sensor and it routed through the firewall to the instrument cluster?
How do you know if the ABS is working or not? Is the ABS related to the speed sensor?
Thanks all!
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