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Hilton Smith
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Best Head Gasket for 104 engine

Thank you Mike Richards. This is very true. However, MB does not necessarily manufacture the head gasket, but purchase it from a supplier. Many MB auto parts specialists sell the same gasket that is supplied to MB dealers.

I believe I have just found out that the gasket supplier is 'elring' as I just called 'mercedesshop' and that is the gasket they sell and it is suppposed to be the 'MB' gasket. Incidentally, thier price was about 81 without the valve cover gasket and the local dealer quoted me 377.05 including the valve cover gasket! I probably shouldn't say it on this site, but I purchased my 'elring' set w/o valve cover gasket from 'Germanstar" for 55! Would you believe it?

Hilton Smith
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