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Smile 95 c280 hard start sometimes when hot

Hello everyone,
This is my first post on this board! Just want to say that i'm glad i became a member, this forum is great! Anyways, the problem i'm having is that sometimes, when its hot (90 C), my engine cranks but does not start. If I turn the key off and restart it again it will start. I found that by holding the gas pedal down a bit, it helps it alot with the starting. Any ideas? Oh and 1 more question. The fan clutch on this model, how do you remove it? I mean any special tools required? The car is at a local shop right now, my cousin is working on it. He wants to know if the center bolt that holds the fan clutch is clockwise or counter-clockwise when you want to remove it. He said it was hard either directions and just want to make sure before he damages something.

thank you in advance ,
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