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Dollar to a donut if you had crud in the IP you have crud in the injectors, and they don't spray correctly. Easy enough to have them checked, any diesel shop can test them and replace the nozzles (you can too, but then how to set the opening pressure?)

How did you set the rack dampning bolt? There are a couple tricks to doing correctly. You must have a hot engine -- and an assistant! Replace the engine shock first! Then, with hot engine, have an assisant put the car in gear and stand on the brakes. Helps to chock the wheels, too, just in case. Loosen the locknut, the SLOWLY run the rack bolt in until the shaking stops. Lock nut, run engine up against the brakes, then check again at idle in gear for vibration. Stop turning the bolt in as soon as the vibration stops. If you then have cold start trouble, you will have to settle for some vibration or a pump rebuild.

If the pump was cruddy inside, you may be due for a rebuild anyway (or replacement). the rough idle problem is really a collapsing spring on the other end of the rack bolt that allows it to vibrate back and forth in harmony with engine vibration. Not a problem in the 240s because the vibration isn't harmonic with the engine.

Let us know how things turn out. My indie mechanic said you eventually get vibration you cannot get rid of unless you rebuild the IP. His was like that (250,000) but otherwise ran so well he just tried to ignore it.

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