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phew..! I thought the thread had been deleted..! They move down the list quicker by the day, so many new threads being created.

I don't want to create more, so I hope enough people are still reading this one to answer my question.

Are the floorpans of the 6-cyl and 4-cyl 190s the same? I ask because, obviously I'm stuffed if I get halfway through the swap and find my old 190e can't accomodate the 6-cylinder's autobox. The 2.6 came about in 1987 I think, so they may have enlarged the space then, or they may have different floors for 2.6s and 4-cyls.

I would put the 300TE and 190E up on my old man's workshop's ramp and check out the undersides, but the 4-matic of the 300 means it has a different box, so it's fitting is irrelevant. Or I guess I could make (the first?) a 190E 3.0 4-matic .

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