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Is This A "Direct-No Modification" Swap ?? e500 to e420

Hello Forum Friends......... Does anyone "know for SURE" if the Front AND Rear Seats (especially the rears) from a 1994 E500 can be directly bolted into a 1994 e420. I am 'fairly sure fronts will fit But have No clue about the rears. I have the 1994 e420 ; and have come across a 1994 e500 with same color interior that was Hit pretty good in the passenger side front. So now the e500 is being "parted out"....I want the front and rear seats But Not if it means any modifications. Who among Us know for SURE ??? Also is there any recommendations of other parts that i should be trying to get from this Mercedes "legend" (e500) ???? THANKS All..............
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