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Fuel returnline and Hi

Hi all,

Just joined the forum after reading so much. Im a regular on so some of you might know me. Anyways, I have a question. Right now Im installing a Mosselman twin turbo kit on my '96 C280. Im kind of a newbie at installing this but I have a friend thats good at the basics so Im learning greatly from this. It came with instructions on how to install it so I said hey, I'll try it myself with some help. Well, both of us are stuck at this one part. Instructions says "Install the fuel pressure regulator on the returnline and attach the boost/vacuum hose". Well I narrowed it down to 2 tubes which both attach to the fuel rail. From the fuel rail, one seems to go down and go towards the back of the car and the other has a metallic box it connects to. Im wondering which one is the returnline and am I correct in that area? Also, where is the boost/vacuum hose Im looking for? The size looks like the black tube that goes to the front of the fuel rail where looks like a valve is. Is this correct? This would be great help. Love this forum!
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