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Nology wires help on some cars. They have some improvement in torque on some cars. If your ignition is not up to par then it will boost it up. Works on Turbo/Supercharged/N20 cars really well.
Because the spark is very strong it tends to kill the internals of certain spark plug brands. Depends on the internal construction of the spark plug.

Plugs I have had good luck with:
Bosch Silver
Autolite Gold

Natrually Aspirated Cars:
On the dyno we have seen 10 to 15% increase in torque over a range which does not include peak torque. Sometimes we might see a 3-7 HP improvement on a 4 cylinder motor. As far as 1/4 mile times I have not seen much improvement.

I have been selling Nology wires since 1996.
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