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Hi, see below

I am the original owner.

It has done 23000 miles, and has only started twitching since November last year where I had done 19,000 miles. They had done a B service in December, but could not find the fault. What could trigger this problem? In motion the car is so smooth. Star Diagnostics found nothing, except something to do with my emissions control, but it was not serious (burns a little more petrol than normal but I still get 25mpg in city and freeway driving), as they don't have strict laws in UK. But no other checks, they said they will keep the car and try and look for it. I will try again. I did the air filter as it is easy, and an obvious start, the old one which was in december was ok, but i still replaced it. Could MAS, oil service, gunk in the engine, spark plug, counterbalance shaft? Not sure if it is a comman problem. People with the CLK430 are also having a similar problem. But thats a different engine.

About the A/c I had damaged the condensor, which was replaced and the a/c was said to have been recharged. Now the a/c is bloody freezing, which I guess is good, but the noise is constant coming and going every 5 seconds for the entire journey. Is there a leak somewhere?

Many thanks in advance


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