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500E cooling thoughts/questions

My 500E runs between 90 and 110deg, with ambient of 20-25degC (and ac on). Now, I know this isnt too bad, but sometimes when its a bit above 25degC and I have the A/C on full, engine temps can climb to a bit above 110.

Firstly... went to check the thermostat, only to find there wasnt one in there. ( I presume the thermostat housing is the thermostat housing shaped object above the water pump that the top rad hose connects to).

Now... without a stat in there, water will flow both ways, surely? I.e. about half will go through the rad, and about half back through the block. I'm guessing when the stat opens it blocks the recirulation path to force about 90% of water through the rad. So with a stat in, it should run cooler?

Secondly, on the engine side of the rad, to the side of the mechanical fan there seems to be big rubber flaps blocking the rad. What the hell are these? I presume they lift out the way at speed, but is it better just to remove them? Are they to prevent backflow when at idle (with no ram air, just fan).

Thirdly.... Anyone noticed the Horn is in the way of the rad? Thats a fairly big area that has no airflow. Would there be much benefit in removing the horn and cutting that black plastic section away ?


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