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Ok, subframe mounts and motor mounts..... $800.00 is about right. 560's have a tendicy to walk the guides, causing a low grade skip, plug fouling and some oil useage. Seals are nothing but a bandage in most cases, however if the money is tight, I'd try it. The guide walk is a tough diagnosis to nail down with the engine intact. Like I said before, chains are cheap insurance.

There is one way to look at it, the seals and t-chain are XX.XX amount of $'s, then in 30,000 miles you spend another XXXX.xx.
If you do the entire repair now (I pull 107 engines to do top ends)it costs XXXX.xx, which should be cheaper overall. My approach to a 107 top end is pull the motor, reseal the entire thing with a new chain, guides, tensioner etc..... bottem end reseal, water pump, t-stat, full intake reseal and so on. Other than higher parts costs, the labor is pretty much the same as doing the heads, chain and guides with motor mounts in the car. Not to mention you get everything dried up at once. This covers the rear seal and plate as well.

This is also prime time to replace the rag joint on the steering box if questionable at all and subframe mounts are a breeze with the motor sitting on a engine stand.

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