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The Kleemann E430K needed some new shoes...

Posting Here as well As Wheels and Tires because if you decide to do some serious power upgrades you will need some serious rubber to hold you down!

After having Donnie and Bill install my Kleemann Suspension and Supercharger I decided that to stay on the road I needed some new shoes for the beast. I bit the bullet and went all out with staggered AMG AeroII Monoblock, 18X8 Front and 18X9 Rear. Put on some Toyo Proxes T1-S' 245/40-18 Fronts and 275/35-18 Rears. Looks like a REAL monster now. Anyway my little sleeper now holds the road better than anything I have ever driven. (I need a new seat belt harness now to hold me in the seat)

One other tidbit. I had NTB do a rotate and balance on my original Goodyear tires and they not only made the balancing worse they did a number on my wheels. I took the car back 3 times to have them rebalanced and finally gave up. (Wheels even more battered now) After some real arguing with NTB I received some “payback” and used that plus a trade in and walked out with a good deal and an excellent setup at Butler Tire. I am now using Butler Tire exclusively for my wife's BMW and my Mercedes. They are a little higher than the like of the warehouse NTB style stores. Most importantly they take as good of care with my wheels and car as I would myself.
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