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Exclamation Air Conditioning-Please Help!

I have a question about my car's A/C. I have a 1985 380SE Mercedes (Euro spec) The problem that I am having is that my A/C did not blow cool air during the day when it was hot or when I was stopped, but it blew cooler air when the sun is down, it is cool outside, or when I am travelling at higher speeds. Even so, the air that it blew was not that cold. When I brought my car to Midas to be checked, the mechanic told me to convert from the R12 system to the 134A, and I did so. They fully recharged my system with 3.5 to 4lbs. of freon. They also put in a dye to check for leaks. They found none and yet my problem still persisted. I was told that my evaporator could be the cause of my problem. So I had them replace it along with the expansion valve. This was pretty expensive for me. Still there has only been mininal improvement. It blows cool air, but it does not get that cold. The mechanics are now suspecting that it may be my compressor or receiver/dryer. This may be cost me another pretty penny. Could anyone please shed some light on my problem before I have to pay more money to my mechanic. My wallet is starting to feel the pain.

Broke and Sweating in Chicago
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