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Auto. Climate Control Wiring 560SEL

While troubleshooting a problem with the climate control pushbutton
assembly, the 12-pin connector managed to pop open, releasing each of
the pins/wires from their nesting places in holes 1 thru 12 within the
14 pin connector. I believe holes 13, 14 are blanks.

I thought I could retrieve the situation by referring to my expensive
Mercedes repair CD's and download the Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
and its subsections about Auto Climate Control and Circuit Diagrams.
Unfortunately the CD would not load just these two sections (electrical)
for reasons that are puzzling, right now. I'll have to solve that one
later. Right now I am hoping someone can help me by searching their CD
or repair manual and tell me the correct combination of which color
wires/pin versus which hole numbers of the connector are meant to go
together, e.g. hole 1 is meant to hold the pin which is connected to
the green wire.

This 12 pin connector is meant to take the output of the push buttons;
there is another 12 pin connector that takes the output of the
temperature control wheel.

Can someone help?
Dick A.
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