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baj007, thanks, and no it wouldn't go on upside down (especially after I cut out the big hole for the adjustment knob! ) The photo doesn't show it well, but the underside of the armrest is contoured differently than the top.

Dcraig, certainly the color in my car may have changed in 10 years (I've owned it less than a year), but if it had I would expect exposed areas to have faded more than concealed areas, or the leather to have faded differently than the vinyl and plastic areas, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Also, I would expect it to fade to a more muted color (like the GAHH part), not to a more vivid blue.

Also, the leather and cording doesn't match too well within the GAHH part itself, nevermind my car. The leather has too much of a grayish tint to it. If it was more blue like the cording it would be a better match to my car. Ironically, I like the grayish blue better than my blue... maybe they could dye the rest of my car to match?
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