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Steering "Neutral" Point

Hey all! I just got my C280 back from the dealer - they did an alignment, balance (high speed) etc. The car drives well; the high speed balancing did wonders. But, a couple of things: 1 - After the alignment the steering wheel is cockeyed to the right about 5 degrees. It drives straight for the most part now but I wonder about the wheel. 2 - (this was going on before it went to the shop) It seems as though the steering is "sloppy" and the neutral point on the steering wheel changes all the time. If I turn the wheel either direction a ways, the "null" zone increases. Turning the wheel back and forth I can hear and feel a clunking, and sometimes a squeaking coming from the steering column - its deep inside the column. I've done searches on steering box, wandering, etc. Just not sure what would apply here. Thanks a million! This car is new to me and I'm just wanting to iron out stuff so I can settle into it.

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