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Yes, I do. They do an excellent job of heat transfer (the best actually). They also are built like crap and we no longer use them. It was always a compromise getting them in the case.

We are currently using the all aluminum (I think) ACM (I think) evaps that come with the expansion valve and entrance seals. They fit like a glove and I am really not worried that they would fail for Metallurgical reasons. Even the originals lasted ten years. My job is a good repair. The fit and sealing of the case is atleast as important to me as the ability to outlast the the original.

The results of poor fitting copper evaps come in all manner, from airflow restrictions to leaking cases after butchering. I agree that the bimetallic aspect of the original evaps was as much their long term problem as anything. I also submit that the problem is worse in big cities either due to evironmental issues or a general tendency to blame evaps when leaks can't be precisely identified. Wish I knew trhe answer to that.
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