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Angry 1982 240D sluggish performance

Until a few months ago, this wasn't an issue for my W123. The vehicle is in excellent condition inside and out. Since it's not turbo, it's "get up and go" has never been amazing. However, the vehicle has a difficult time reaching above 60 mph.

Going through the gears has the same amount of torque and acceleration, but when 60 is reached, the petal is to the metal and that's all she has! The only other recent oddity are the OCCASIONAL times while being in Drive, the car sounds like I'm in Slow, maxing out at 40. Putting the gears in neutral and returning to Drive clears that up and it happens no more than once a month.

I'd expect this performance to a degree while using the air conditioning, but this happens with or without the AC. Also, when the afternoon temps have been high, the problem would be non-existent and I could fly at my top 90.

The tank's fuel filter has been changed...the other one was fine. I've added diesel fuel enhancement products on a regular basis. The air filter is new.

The sensation of the vehicle in the mornings of late is like the engine isn't getting enough fuel or air - like it's being choked or constricted. I'm giving it gas and the car is hesitating VERY slightly.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going on here?

Rick Garner
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